The Minnesota Judicial Branch Grants Office manages public funding to support access to justice statewide.

Background - Pro hac vice revenue is administered by the Legal Services Advisory Committee (LSAC) “in a dedicated grant fund open to legal aid, court and private bar projects under the Justice for All framework.” The framework (created and maintained by the National Center for State Courts) can be found in this document

This is a rolling grant application process, with applications being reviewed approximately quarterly. This means that as grants are given, there may be limited funds available for a period of time. Applicants may be asked to apply again if funds are low at the time the application is received.

Scoring - Grant applications will be scored as follows:

- Clear connection to Justice for All framework. (up to 5 points)

- Budget provides necessary details to understand how grant will be expended. (up to 5 points)

- Project will have a wide-ranging impact (large geographic or demographic reach). (up to 5 points)

- Realistic project timeline. (up to 5 points)